AJ Wootton’s early love of reading sparked a lifelong dream to become a writer.

Lessons from her rocky childhood taught her the value of financial self-sufficiency. She opted for the solid foundation that a major in business offered in lieu of her heart’s first choice, journalism. Her yearning to write resurfaces when in her forties, and on the heels of tragedy, she is driven to reconcile her past and present lives. In her authorial debut, AJ takes her readers on her own journey to overcome the past and face the realities surrounding her failing marriage. Her memoir validates both her calling to write and her gift as a story teller.

AJ is fascinated by the complexities of human relationships, and the beauty and peace that nurturing and healing them brings. Her 30-year career in human resources instilled within her a love of helping others realize their potential. She is thrilled to achieve a life-long goal of providing hope and encouragement through the written word. Her passion is bringing authentic characters to life in stories that inspire and entertain.